George Rapko for Colorado House District 18

George Rapko (R) Candidate for Colorado House District 18

Why George Rapko? Well, balance is out of whack in the State of Colorado right now. We have given up our individualism to a single party system that threatens individual rights. We cannot continue to allow a single party to dominate our politics any longer.

Colorado is an independent state by its nature. We fundamentally believe that the individual possesses rights; not a collective. We believe by protecting those rights, we protect our way of life. To protect individual rights, means to protect us all.

Coloradans are also compassionate people. We struggle with our desire to protect the weak while balancing the rights of the individual. It is this struggle that pushes us to even consider restricting an individual’s rights. This struggle has led us too far away from our ideals, and we are now in danger of doing harm to the individual.

The single party politics of our state is causing harm to the individual. By continuing to allow a single political party that defers to the collective without considering the individual, is harming our beautiful state. A party that divides us into groups instead of individuals, suppresses everyone’s rights in a misguided pursuit of compassion. We cannot allow that to continue to happen.

To return balance to the State of Colorado, we must balance the representation of the individual versus the collective in the legislature. We must begin to return to our ideals. The ideals that ensured the individual is the only holder of rights; not collectives. To do that, you must vote for George Rapko.